45 Sparkling Engagement and Wedding Rings for You to Dream about ...


No matter what stage of your life, it's fun to look at wedding rings, even if you already have one on your finger.

There are so many glittery and beautiful choices out there to admire.

If you're hoping for a proposal soon or just want something to dream about, check out these wedding rings and they'll captivate you for sure.

1. Small Stones

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Via Vintage Diamond Wedding Ring Band ...

The stones on this ring might be small, but they sure are gorgeous.

It looks like one of the best wedding rings to me.

2. Hidden Gem

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Via Blooming Beauty Unique Engagement Rings ...

The tiny gem on the inside of the band is your little secret.

3. Pearl Wedding Ring

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Via Pearl Wedding Ring Set - ...

There's no rule that your wedding ring has to have a diamond, as proven by this lovely pearl creation.

4. Simply Beautiful

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Via media-cache1.pinterest.com

The band is detailed, but the ring is still simple and gorgeous.

What's not to love?

5. Wedding Band

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Via Verragio INS-7074W Beaded Twist Diamond ...

This wedding band is by no means simple, but will look wonderful paired with its matching engagement ring.

6. Simple

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Via Tungsten Wedding Bands, Carbide Rings ...

On the other hand, there's also something to be said for the simply beauty of this wedding ring.

7. Bezel Set

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Via Vintage Inspired Bezel Set Diamond ...

You could wear this band on its own or pair it with a variety of engagement rings.

8. Puzzle Pieces

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Via pinterest.com

This is definitely a set that goes together.

9. Twisted

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Via Love this wedding band

This simple creation can be both engagement and wedding bands and is perfect if you want something small and simple, but still jaw dropping.

10. Top and Bottom Bands

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Via Agirlswedding.com

Add the anniversary band on top when you hit a big milestone.

Or little one!

Fancy Band
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