7 Important Questions to Ask Yourself before Planning a Wedding ...


Before planning a wedding, you may think that planning the event will be fun. Soon you'll discover that there are certain things that make it rather stressful. To avoid situations where you’ll end up wishing it was all over, it’s best to ask yourself and your fiancé some questions prior to starting organizing the day. Take a look at these questions to ask yourself before planning a wedding.

1. What is Our Budget?

This might be the single most important question to ask before planning a wedding. Not having a budget is very dangerous, as you’ll likely end up organizing your dream wedding and spending a fortune. Talk to your fiancé about what you have in mind and try to meet somewhere in the middle. Try to avoid putting away all your money for the wedding, as you still want to live comfortably in the months before.

Where do We Get Married?
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