7 Fabulous Ways to Plan a French-Themed Wedding That Will Wow Your Guests ...


Lyndsie and I are deep planning our wedding and guess what theme we picked – a French themed wedding with 1920s twists!

Paris is where we are going to head for our honeymoon, so it made sense for us to go with a French themed wedding.

However, how do you plan for a wedding that is French themed?2

Take a peek below, because I've got all of the top things that we're gonna use for our wedding or that we are at least thinking about using!

1. Tablescapes


The very first thing that you're going to have to consider when you're planning a French themed wedding is the tablescapes – or the centerpieces.

Lyndsie and I are most likely going to do something completely out of the box, so we won't use flowers or anything, but you can use anything from French wine bottles, amazing floral arrangements all the way to just candles.

I love both of these displays, but you could go with something completely different and out of the box yourself!2

Wedding Favors
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