8 Ways to Handle Pre-Wedding Jitters ...


You’ve dreamed about this day since you were just a tiny little girl.

Now here you are all grown up and quickly approaching the day where you will go from a “Miss” to a “Mrs.” As you plan your wedding, it’s normal to feel a little nervous.

In the weeks leading up to your wedding, you might get “cold feet” or find yourself having nightmares about tripping down the aisle.

When you start feeling the anxiety arise, here are 8 ways to handle pre-wedding jitters.

1. Stay in the Moment

Try not to dwell on what might happen tomorrow.

Keep yourself focused on today and the tasks at hand.

If you are obsessing over whether your wedding gown will fit, stop worrying and go work out.

Stay in the moment and do what you can today to get ready for what is coming.2

Delegate Tasks
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