5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Nerdy Wedding


We all probably have a little nerdy side to our personalities;

who doesn't love a good book?

But sometimes there are people who like to go a little extreme;

they dress up as their favorite characters, go to conventions, and even celebrate their big day nerdy style!

For all you nerds and geeks out there, this wedding post is for you!

5. I Heart Robots...

I Heart Robots...

Photo: Etsy.com/shop/BonMoment

Okay, whether you're a nerd or not you have to admit how cute these robots are!

I just love the way their arms go up to the top of the invitation to hold the heart in the middle!

It's a great invitation to send to your guests to show your love for robots and let your geeky personality shine.

Lego Land...
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