7 Ways to Incorporate Orchid into Your Wedding ...

Pantone made the official announcement that Radiant Orchid is the color of the year, so you might be looking for some ways to incorporate orchid into your wedding. It's a lovely, rich, and definitely radiant color that will look lovely for spring, summer, and fall weddings. If you're tying the knot in 2014 and haven't decided on a color scheme just yet, consider some of the marvelous ways to incorporate orchid into your wedding; you'll make a queenly bride for sure.

1. The Dress

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Your dress is one of the best ways to incorporate orchid into your wedding. Colored wedding dresses are still a hot trend, so you can easily find an all-over purple option, and this shade is just delicate enough to carry it off with grace and beauty. If you don't like the idea of a colored dress or just find orchid too much, you can make up for it in the accents – a ribbon, some colored lace, some floral appliques.

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