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7 Wonderful Wedding Dresses from Etsy ...

If youโ€™re a bride to be, and havenโ€™t yet found the perfect dress yet, why not consider commissioning a hand made gown from Etsy? Many talented designers use the site to showcase and sell their wares. In most cases, you can buy a beautiful dress at a fraction of what you may normally pay. Iโ€™ve done a bit of the leg work for you, and found a few stunning dresses from various Etsy sellers.

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1. Ariel J. Taub Rose Gown

Price: $3500.00 at
This dress is absolutely amazing. The rose details on the skirt just blow me away. The skirt is made from silk organza and the bodice is made from silk satin. This dress is soft and romantic, and would certainly make you feel like a princess.

2. The English Dept Oysters and Pearls Dress

Price: $1500.00 at
This dress is so elegant. It features an Alencon lace bodice with a slight sweetheart neckline. I love the delicate ruffles of silk chiffon that embellish the bodice. The silk-chiffon skirt just falls beautifully. Iโ€™m absolutely head over heels for this dress!

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3. Ariel J. Taub Glamour Gown

Price: $3700.00 at
Like the name suggests, this gown is definitely one for those wanting to inject a little glamour into their wedding. This Hollywood-inspired gown is designed in a classic mermaid silhouette. Swarovski crystals trim the belt of the bodice as well as at the hem of the skirt. This is one incredibly stylish dress!

4. Ouma a Whimsical Spring Dress

Price: $260.00 at
This dress is simply charming! Itโ€™s made from a comfortable blend of cotton and tulle. I absolutely adore the full tulle skirt! Itโ€™s a shorter dress, so perfect for those wanting a casual, yet classic option.

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5. The English Dept Beatrix Dress

Price: $1250.00 at
This shorter length dress is a beauty. Itโ€™s made from ivory flower-embellished tulle with gold accents. It features a sweetheart neckline and a softly gathered skirt. This dress would be perfect for a garden or beach wedding.

6. The English Dept Giselle Dress

Price: $900.00 at
This gorgeous dress is made from silk shantung and English tulle. It features a very flattering sweetheart neckline as well as princess seams along the bodice. My favourite feature is the waistband of ruffled Alencon lace. This dress can be made mid-calf length or full length, depending on how formal the occasion.

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7. Ariel J. Taub Vintage Royalty Mermaid Gown

Price: $2700.00 at
This off-the-shoulder gown is quite an elegant creation. The two-tier mermaid tail certainly makes an impact. Itโ€™s made from 100% silk sating and Alencon lace. All the lace on this dress is sewn by hand, making the attention to detail absolutely meticulous.

Would you consider buying a wedding dress from Etsy? Which of these styles is your favourite?

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