7 Wedding Traditions to Skip ...


How on earth are you supposed to decide which wedding traditions to skip, and which to use?!

There seems to be hundreds of wedding traditions and customs these days, and added to the family traditions, that great idea your future mother in law had and the weird thing your friends want, it’s a surprise that brides get any input into their big day.

Here’s a handy list of the wedding traditions to skip that are definitely on the decline, so you can skip them with no guilt.

1. Something Old, Something New…

Everyone knows the rhyme, and before you start planning your outfit, it feels dead easy to stick to.2

But your bridal outfit is one of the most important outfits you’ll ever pick.

Whether you’re going traditional in a big white dress, opting for a tailored tux or wearing a brightly colored prom dress, your outfit should be completely you in every way.2

So if you can’t fit the rules in, don’t worry.

If you found your dream outfit in a vintage shop, don’t rush out to find something new to wear.

And if you’d rather wear a gorgeous necklace from your fiancé than an old pearl necklace from your family, that’s fine too.

Honestly, this is one of those wedding traditions to skip if it’s too much trouble!

Something Blue…
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