8 Tips for Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party ...


Who doesn’t love a bachelorette party, or a hen party as it is known in the UK and Australia. The bachelorette party is a real chance for a bride, her bridesmaids, her BFFs, and female family members, to let their hair down before the wedding. Unlike a wedding shower which is an altogether more staid affair, a bachelorette party can be a lot of fun, a bit raucous and even rather saucy – the last chance to be a riot before the bride to be begins her wedding journey. Anyone can arrange a great bachelorette event. Here are 8 Tips for planning the perfect Bachelorette Party.

1. Keep It a Secret

The best part of a successful bachelorette party is the element of surprise. Most likely the bride will be looking out for something and dropping hints, if not interrogating bridesmaids, but don’t bend under pressure. It will be worth it in the end, when the bride arrives at her weekly yoga class and gets whipped away for a few hours of festivities.

Who to Invite
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