7 Things to Remember when Choosing Your Wedding Dress ...


When you need to choose a wedding dress it is easy to be overwhelmed.

Getting married is a momentous occasion and naturally you want to look stunning.2

Knowing what style suits you, can be the most difficult aspect when you pick a wedding dress, plus thereโ€™s the age old question of white or not white.

Knowing what to look for will help save you some stress and also some money.

Here are 7 Things to Remember when Choosing Your Wedding Dress:

1. Budget. Budget. Budget

Wedding dresses have a reputation for carrying exorbitant price tags and not without reason.

Suddenly when you mention wedding, the price seems to double, and it can be so easy to get wrapped in that moment where your inner princess is clapping her hands like a 5 year old and telling you that you absolutely canโ€™t leave without the dress.

But be strong, if you like the style, chances are you can find a cheaper variant, but for a dress that will be worn for a few hours, it is not worth it to start your marriage with loads of debt.

No-one will ever know how much your dress costs unless you tell them, so choose a wedding dress that makes you look a million bucks!

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