7 Helpful Tips on How to Make a Seating Chart for Your Wedding ...


Unless you’ll be hosting a cocktail-style reception, chances are good you’re planning to make a seating chart for your wedding.

Although they can definitely be a hassle to put together, seating charts are always a smart idea to help prevent things like table rushing, bickering and all-around confusion.

Hoping to make a seating chart for your wedding without getting overly stressed in the process?

Read on for a look at several key strategies that helped make things easier for me and will hopefully do the same for you.

1. Start Early

As is true of so many other things in the planning process, waiting until the last minute to make a seating chart for your wedding will only leave you feeling all the more overwhelmed and stressed out.

To help keep things from getting out of control when you're down to the wire, start working on your seating chart as soon as you begin receiving RSVPs by plotting out things like how many tables you’ll need, which family members should be seated closest to your own table up front, and which elderly guests should be closest to a restroom or exit.

Plus, if you know that certain key family members and friends will be able to make it even before they have officially RSVP'd, there’s nothing preventing you from starting to lay things out even earlier, even though it does mean you may need to make further adjustments later on.

Consider the Venue’s Layout
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