Every Bridesmaid Has Had These Thoughts ...


Being a bridesmaid is an honor, truly … but it can also be frustrating. Financially draining. Full of drama. See, the thing is, being a bridesmaid can also kind of be a pain in the ass. Each experience depends on any number of things, of course – the bride herself, your relationship with her, your own personality, the theme, style, and venue of the wedding … the list goes on and on. The point is, bridesmaids go through a lot. It's a good thing they rarely discuss the things they're secretly thinking, though, otherwise their days as a bridesmaid would probably be numbered.

1. β€œI Wonder How Much This is Going to Cost Me.”

β€œI Wonder How Much This is Going to Cost Me.”

Weddings are expensive for almost everyone involved – except the vendors, of course, they make mad bank. Most of the financial burden falls to the bride and groom, but things get expensive for the bridesmaids, too, especially the maid of honor.

β€œis She Going to Pick a Horrible Dress?”
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