7 Alternatives to a Floral Wedding Bouquet ...


If you consider yourself an ‘offbeat’ kind of bride and you want to include your own personal touches to your wedding day without being too zany, a great idea is to consider alternatives to a floral wedding bouquet.

If you’re like me, you want to keep with traditions to a certain degree, but you want to put your own personal stamp on your big day.

Here are a few fun, whimsical and even funky alternatives to a floral wedding bouquet for you to consider.

1. Button It up

One of the many great alternatives to a floral wedding bouquet is buttons.

Have you ever really taken a look at all of the different types of buttons that are out there?

Let me tell you, you will be completely surprised when you see how many beautiful types there are.

Collect some buttons that tie into your chosen color scheme, or that you simply just like, attach them to a foam ball, along with a ribbon and carry the ball of buttons down the aisle by the ribbon.

Feathery Feathers
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