8 Wedding Attire Must-Haves ...


Every bride, or in my case a bride-to-be, has her own take on the way a list of wedding attire must-haves is supposed to look like.

It has a lot to do with style, personal preferences and traditions so do take this post as a personal opinion that might give you some new ideas to think about.2

Now, I won’t mention the wedding dress as that’s kind of obvious but I’m going to give you some of my ideas on how to accessorize your dress, experiment with the traditional concept of wedding attire and combine interesting pieces to create a memorable, flawless look for yourself and your party.

1. Gorgeous Shoes

Okay, I’m a shoe-freak so you can imagine how important role shoes play in all my wedding fictions.

It might be a Cinderella syndrome or a Carrie Bradshaw syndrome but I really believe wedding shoes should be over-the-top.2

I’d be prepared to go all out for a pair of Louboutins, although I’m strongly against the so called “shoe-waste” so regardless how pricy or affordable the pair in question is, I’d want to be sure they can be worn after the big day.

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