8 Things People Hate about Weddings ...


Weddings, you just have to love them!

Then again, it's hard not to love some of the weddings that you attend for many reasons.

I didn't have the "average" wedding that every girl dreams of.

I had mine by the lake and you were allowed to wear whatever you wanted – jeans were just fine.2

Of course, I did wear a dress, but not the typical wedding dress.

We played music, but not the typical slow music.

We had a blast and it was memorable – that is what counts.

I never really liked the whole wedding scene.

I am going to give you 8 things people hate about weddings …

8. The Huge Crowd They do Not Know

Wow, when you go to a wedding, there are many people that you don't know.

Some people do not like this.

How Much They Cost
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