8 Amazing Routes to a Budget Wedding ...

Budget weddings are a necessity for many in these difficult economic times. Every couple wants their special day to be memorable, but it certainly makes sense to save your money for something more long-term, like buying a house. When the average wedding is estimated to cost a massive $27,000, budget weddings are much more sensible, and they can still be wonderful. So here are some amazing budget wedding ideas that won´t leave you counting the cost for years …

1. Simplicity

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The best tip of all is to keep things simple. Ask yourself if you really need to have luxury cars, 200 guests, a reception at a top-class hotel, and a designer dress? Surely the most important thing is the commitment that you are making to each other, not just one day? Having a simple wedding will be equally memorable, but for the right reasons, and you will save a fortune.

2. Budget Venue

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One of the major expenses of a wedding is the venue for the reception. Choose a smart hotel and you´ll end up paying thousands. Budget weddings can be achieved with a careful choice of venue – if you have access to a large garden, and you´re having a spring or summer wedding, that can make an ideal (and cheap) location.

3. Prune the Guest List

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Putting together the guest list can be one of the worst nightmares in wedding planning. If you feel obliged to invite every neighbour or distant relative, plus their partners and children, your list will be as long as your arm, and the bill will be enormous. So keep the guest list short and only invite the people you really want there.

4. Shop Smart

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If you do want to have all the trimmings, budget weddings are still possible if you shop cleverly. Buy a dress on eBay or in a resale shop, borrow a friend´s classic car, and find a photographer who´s just setting up. There are lots of ways of getting what you want cheaply.

5. Overseas

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Gettting married overseas is an increasingly popular choice. It can also work out cheaper; a specialist package will ensure that everything is organised. In fact, it needn´t be more expensive than a luxury holiday, and will still be much cheaper than the average wedding! Just don´t expect many people to be there (which may suit you!).

6. What Matters to You

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When trying to keep the wedding budget down, consider what aspects of the day really matter to you. If you want to arrive in a beautiful car, then economise elsewhere. Save on things you´re not so worried about, and prioritise the most important aspects.

7. Use Skills

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One of the best budget wedding ideas is to capitalise on skills that your friends and family have. If one of them is a talented baker, ask if they can make the cake. Someone else could make the bridesmaids´ dresses. You may even know someone who´s happy catering for large numbers.

8. City Hall

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Finally, not everyone wants to make a fuss when they get married. And the best way of having a fuss-free wedding is also as budget-friendly as possible. Go down to City Hall and get married quietly! You can always have a (budget) party later to celebrate with friends and family.

There are lots of budget wedding ideas that mean you don´t have to spend anything like $27,000. If that´s the average, then some people must spend a lot more! Budget weddings can be just as much fun as a big “do”, and perhaps even more meaningful. How much did your wedding cost, and do you wish you´d spent more, or less?

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