49 Wedding Themes for the Best Day of Your Life ...


With so many wedding themes, where on earth do you start?

Every wedding has a theme - even if it's just a simple matter of a color choice.

But what if you want more than just to choose a color?

You might be passionate about something and have no problem with deciding - which is fantastic.2

But you might be stuck.

Ready to be inspired?

Here's a nice big selection of wedding themes to contemplate.

1. Fall Wedding


Via Fall Wedding: 10 Ways to ...

If you choose to go with the season you will have tons of wedding themes to consider.

2. Beauty and the Beast Wedding


Via Victoria and Jason's Beauty and ...

Does Belle inspire you?

3. Vintage Wedding

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Via Mariage vintage | Cherry Plum

This means muted and pale colors with a touch of elegance.2

4. Great Gatsby Wedding


Via Great Gatsby Inspired Celebration

Go to town with feathers, pearls and sparkles.

5. Black Tie Wedding


Via Glitter and Glam - Black ...

Do you want a formal affair?

6. Starry Night Wedding


Via I Love You to the ...

You'll love this to the moon and back.

7. Indoor Garden Wedding


Via Indoor Garden Wedding | 5 ...

Bring the outdoors indoors.

8. Carnival Wedding Theme


Via karaspartyideas.com

Perfect if you want a fun game-filled wedding.2

9. Nautical Wedding


Via Nautical Wedding: 10 ways to ...

You don't have to live by the sea to have a nautical theme.

10. Chic French Wedding


Via The Colours of Love - ...

If you can't get to Paris for your honeymoon, bring Paris to you.2

11. Travel Themed Wedding

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Via Passport to Love! {Travel Wedding ...

Sooo many ways to incorporate a travel theme.

You could even base it solely on the country where you're taking your honeymoon.3

Modern Music Themed Wedding
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