7 Ways to Avoid Being a Bridezilla That People Run Away from ...


I was watching television late at night one day and it totally sparked an article idea: how to avoid being a Bridezilla.

Yeah, yeah, I was totally watching Bridezillas and was totally appalled at the brides on the show.

They came across as rude, egotistical, spoiled women!

It gives women such an awful reputation and nobody wants to deal with a Bridezilla!

So, ladies, check out these ways to avoid being a Bridezilla and follow them to the best of your ability!

1. Remember That It's Not All about You

After watching the show, it seemed that Bridezillas always think the wedding is all about them and you can't avoid being a Bridezilla if you think everything revolves around you.2

Yes, it is your wedding day and you totally have to remember that it's what you want, not what others want, but don't be disrespectful to others.

Remember that it's not only your big day, but it's your soon to be partner's big day as well.

Plus, it's a big day for the two families involved too!

Respect People's Opinions
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