Thirst Relief Mentor Auction: above and beyond the Wedding Industry...


My wonderful friend and photographer Casie Shimansky is informing everyone about a very special project going on at ebayright now that is raising money for the Thirst Relief International.

When you bid on ebay 100% of the proceeds will go to the organization and you will have the chance to win a photo lession with Casie and many other photographers, continue reading to learn how you can help...

Thirst Relief International...

Last year the Thirst Relief Mentor Auctiondonated more than $40,700 and provided more than 8,000 people with clean drinking water.

In many countries we take clean drinking water for granted, we just turn on the faucet or grab a bottle of water from the super market.

But in poor, undeveloped countries clean drinking water is not an option and children and families are drinking and bathing in dirty water.

Thirst Relief Internationalwants to change that by helping to provide resources financially and technically.

They start the water projects, train people how to use it and take care of it and continue to make sure the project stays working.

Without the partners they work with and donations, Thirst Relieft Internationalwould not be able to provide cleaning drinking water and help save lives.

What Can You Do...

Head on over to ebayto bid on a photo lession from one of the many photographers including Casie Shinmanskyand after you win your bid you will get together with your photographer for a 90 minute mentor session.2

You can get together in person or over Skype if you can't meet in person.

Other than learning great camera shooting tips from amazing photgraphers, you are helping to save lives, prevent disease, and provide clean drinking water to thousands around the world.

If you already have a favorite photographer, head on over to see if they are helping out, the ebaybidding ends this Thursday so hurry on over.

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