Wedding 👰🏻💍 Ideas to Steal from Your All-Time Favorite Movies 🎥💿 ...


We find inspiration in many ways and things and you may have been planning your dream wedding since you were a little princess.

But if you’re still overwhelmed and undecided, why not look to the movies for ideas?

Hollywood may have unlimited budgets to stage their movie weddings, but here are some simple ideas that transfer to real life that won’t mean your wedding budget needs CPR.

1. Floral Bridesmaids Dresses (My Best Friend’s Wedding)

Floral Bridesmaids Dresses (My Best Friend’s Wedding)

One of the great wedding movies is My Best Friend’s Wedding, and a fun idea worth considering from that film is the use of floral print for the bridesmaids’ dresses.2

Using floral print is a way to let the bridesmaids have their own moments of style without upstaging the bride;

it is her big day, after all, and she should be the focus of attention!

Feather in Your Veil (Sex & the City)
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