7 Pros and Cons of Having an Open Bar at Your Reception ...


Heather and I are finally planning our wedding (thank you, thank you), but we're stuck on the point of having an open bar.

Should we or shouldn't we?

She says yes, I say β€œehhh...” I'm not trying to be a stodgy host, but there are definitely some pros and cons to consider.

If you're planning your wedding or just want some advice for when the day comes, you'll have to think about having an open bar too – and hopefully these tips will help you!

1. Pro: You're a Better Host

One of the biggest pros of having an open bar is that it makes you look like a better host, of course.

Guests can resent the idea of a cash bar, because hell, who wants to pay for their own drinks, really?

You've invited your guests to celebrate your big day, so it's expected that you'll go all out for them.

That's understandable, to an extent, and good hosts definitely do provide plenty of food and drink to their guests.

Con: Your Guests Can Take Advantage
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