7 Great Reasons to Plan a Small and Intimate Wedding ...


As tempting as it can be to invite everyone you’ve ever known to share in the excitement of your big day, there are actually plenty of great reasons to plan a small and intimate wedding, whether you interpret that to mean one with 10, 50 or even 100 guests.

Can’t decide what size celebration is right for you?

Check out the following seven reasons to plan a small and intimate wedding, and then continue weighing the pros and cons in order to make whatever decision is best for you, your partner and your families.

1. Less Sticker Shock

First and foremost, one of the best reasons to plan a small and intimate wedding is that it may ultimately help save you money on everything from food and drinks to décor and invitations.

Less money spent on aspects like these means more to put toward hiring top-notch vendors, setting off on a spectacular honeymoon, buying a house or doing anything else you wish.

Just be aware that some venues do have food and drink minimums that apply regardless of how large or small your guest list is, making this something you should be sure to ask about when choosing a location.

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