7 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses from Jenny Packham ...


7 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses from Jenny Packham ...
7 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses from Jenny Packham ...

Vera Wang may be the undisputed queen of wedding gowns, but just wait until you see some wedding dresses from Jenny Packham, because they are just glorious and might very well make you change your dream wedding gown designer! She’s a favourite of A-Listers like Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, and yes, even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. I first fell in love with her dresses after Miley Cyrus wore a strapless number of hers to the Oscars; this was of course before her twerking days! Trust me, if you haven’t yet heard of this British import, you will after you see these 7 gorgeous wedding dresses from Jenny Packham.

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Blaire Blaire comes from the 2013 bridal collection and starts off our list of gorgeous wedding dresses from Jenny Packham. Mixing the old with the new, this is a perfect combination of fashion, elegance, and modern day princess. This is one of the 4 dresses she created exclusively for New York, and the back of this dress will make your jaw drop! Encrusted with some of the most exquisite jewel detail I’ve ever seen on the shoulders, waist and back, seemingly free flowing with lace, Blaire has to be one of the most beautiful wedding dresses from Jenny Packham.



Rose For any bride who wants to channel her inner Kate Middleton, this gown is for you. Striking a wonderful resemblance to what the Duchess wore to an awards gala sometime around June of 2011, Rose was crafted with tulle, stunning beading, and such a smooth and luxurious satin, just looking at it makes me feel like royalty! It’s one of her more glamorous designs, and definitely worthy of being one of the best wedding dresses from Jenny Packham.



Minerva According to the Romans, Minvera was the goddess of wisdom, arts, crafts, and war, and with this in the collection of stunning wedding dresses from Jenny Packham, I’m betting that your future groom would only think of the ‘goddess’ part when you’re walking down the aisle in this gorgeous creation. Perfect for any kind of bride, be it bohemian, rustic, classic, or modern, this dress hugs you in all the right places, and adds a soft touch with peek-a-boo lace and a delicately placed flower. It’s this kind of detail that makes brides love wedding dresses from Jenny Packham.



Nerine One of the main reasons wedding dresses from Jenny Packham are so coveted is because of the way she works gorgeous material into an even more gorgeous gown. Take this Nerine dress for instance - it’s romantic, wistful, and she puts just the right amount of tulle to give a lovely streamlined look, while still making the bride feel like a modern day princess. I love the flower detail. It’s soft, feminine, and gives such a wonderful, free-flowing feeling to the bride. Plus, it has such a pretty name, Nerine!



Anya Anya is for the modern princess bride. A perfect blend of tulle, chiffon, beading, and that glorious satin belt, it is almost a guarantee that putting it on will make you feel like you’re being whisked away to a gorgeous castle by Prince Charming! One of the reasons that wedding dresses from Jenny Packham are my favourite is because she perfectly blends movie-star glamour with wear-ability in all her creations. It’s your big day, all eyes will be on you, and with a dress like this you’ll look like Hollywood royalty while walking down that aisle!



Muscari Anyone who knows me knows one thing I absolutely die for when it comes to bridal wear; it’s anything with a gorgeous back. Now if it’s beautiful in the front and in the back, well I’m pretty much sold! One of my favourite things about wedding dresses from Jenny Packham is that they look just as beautiful in the back as they do in the front, if not even more. This dress for instance is stunning in the front. The embellishments are Grecian-inspired, gorgeous and it flows down so beautifully. Then you take a look at the back of this gown, complete with a beautiful and sensual low back and a lovely, delicate chain, and you see why everyone from Vanessa Hudgens to Elizabeth Hurley love Jenny Packham.



Gaia This gown made my jaw drop it’s so stunning! Wedding dresses from Jenny Packham are always divinely luxurious and evoke an effortless glamour, which I love. Take a cue from her loyal celebrity following – Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston among others – they are never overdone, and always look so effortlessly gorgeous! That’s how your wedding day should be! Gaia is crafted from silk from head to toe, is hand beaded, and makes me think of a modern day Helen of Troy, minus the part after where her beauty led to war. The only war you’ll be starting is the one with your head wanting to wear this every day once it’s in your closet!

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience, and if you’re anything like I am – pinning everything I like on Pinterest obsessively – you won’t rest until you find your perfect wedding dress! What makes a designer great is their ability to move seamlessly from one style to another, and to appeal to women with all different kinds of tastes, and that’s exactly what Jenny Packham does.So tell me, what’s your favourite Jenny Packham bridal creation?

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