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11 Bridal Hairstyles with Braids That Are Fabulous ...

By Leeann

I’ve decided that on the day of my wedding, I’m going to have one of those gorgeous bridal hairstyles with braids. Braids are beautiful, and they are so versatile, plus they work great with any type of hair! I have super fine, straight hair, and whenever I want to doll myself up a little bit, putting a simple braid in my hair does the trick. So here are 11 bridal hairstyles with braids that are fabulous!

1 Side Pony Fishtail Braid

Side Pony Fishtail BraidI love fishtail braids, and I wish I could learn how to do them! This is definitely one of those bridal hairstyles with braids that I’d love to have one day. It’s the perfect mixture of low-key gorgeousness and practicality. So if you have long hair, why not give this one a shot? Plus it would look gorgeous with a strapless number!

2 Loose Bun with Braid

Loose Bun with BraidBlake Lively always has gorgeous hair, and the way it's done in this pic would make an excellent bridal hairstyle. This would be perfect for any bride who has statement jewelry as part of her outfit. Plus it looks rather easy to do! Something tells me even if you have medium length hair, you can achieve this look!

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3 Front Braid up do

Front Braid up doThis is almost like a braid headband style, but not quite. This look reminds me of a Grecian Goddess. It’s perfect for any bride who wants a sleek and elegant updo, especially if you have long bangs! This really is one of the prettiest bridal hairstyles with braids I’ve seen.

4 Single Side Braid

Single Side BraidThis is one of those bridal hairstyles with braids that is super easy. It's a little like a headband but it's much more effortless. Really, if I can do it, trust me ladies, you can too! All you need to do is braid your hair, starting from a side part, and just braid and braid until it’s long enough to bobby pin behind your ear! This style is gorgeous and simple and I love it!

5 Braided Bun

Braided BunThis is just beautiful, isn’t it? It’s classic and elegant and reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn. The braids just add the perfect vintage touch! This is definitely one of those bridal hairstyles with braids that will make a statement. I think this would be perfect with a poufy dress!

6 Pouf with Braided Pony

Pouf with Braided PonyThis is gorgeous, and one of the edgier bridal hairstyles with braids. It’s part rock and roll and part lady. If you’re thinking of having an ultra modern wedding, and Gwen Stefani and Rachel McAdams are your wedding inspiration, then this is the hair style for you.

7 Double Waterfall Braid

Double Waterfall BraidI think I’m going to do the half up half down hairstyle on my big day. This is one of those perfect bridal hairstyles with braids that made me want braids in my hair for my wedding day! It’s slightly different than just a single braid in the back, the extra layer makes it that much more inspiring!

8 Low Back Braids

Low Back BraidsOf all the bridal hairstyles with braids, this is probably the one that looks the most elegant and easiest to do! Perfect for any kind of gown, this is a style that looks timeless!

9 Short Braids

Short BraidsThis one of those bridal hairstyles with braids for the bride with shorter hair. It’s elegant and subtle, and absolutely adorable to be completely honest! Plus I love that it’s two little layers!

10 Parted Fishtail Braid

Parted Fishtail BraidThis reminds me of a fairy princess, or one of those enviable hairstyles on all the women in the Lord of the Rings movies! Definitely one of the most gorgeous bridal hairstyles with braids that I’ve found!

11 Loose Half Braid

Loose Half BraidOf all the bridal hairstyles with braids, this is the most bohemian one of the bunch, and it’s just stunning. I love the messiness of it, and how the rest of her hair just flows down her shoulders. I would dress it up with a wreath of natural flowers and greenery.

So there you have it, a list of beautiful bridal hairstyles that are filled with braids. It’s great that there are so many ways that you can braid your hair; if you can think of it, you can probably do it! Okay, maybe your hairdresser can do it, but close enough! What are some of your favourite bridal hairstyles with braids?

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