9 Things Every Bride's Checklist Should Have ...


As a bride-to-be, the one important thing you absolutely must have is your bride’s checklist.

Amidst all the wedding planning, the guest list, the list of caterers and flower guys, you might forget that you need to pay most attention to yourself.

You’re the bride after all, and it’s your day.

You need to look perfect right?

The best thing to do is work off a bride’s checklist and make sure you’ve taken care of yourself first before anything else!

1. Your Wedding Clothes

What’s a bride without her gorgeous wedding outfit right?

And don’t forget the half a dozen other outfits required for all the pre and post-wedding celebrations.

Make sure you get fitted for all your wedding related clothes at least two months before D-Day.

This way your designer or tailor will have enough time to get any alterations made well in advance and you won’t go into panic mode three days before the wedding because you didn’t put your wedding clothes on priority on your bride’s checklist.

2. Bridal Makeup

Many a bride has been ruined by terrible makeup.2

You do not want to be one of those brides, now do you?

Identify a good makeup artist as soon as the wedding date is finalized.

Get trials done in the months leading up to the wedding so you know whether you’re comfortable with your look and in case your skin reacts to the brand of cosmetics used, you’ll have enough time to deal with it.

Experiment with different looks to know what will suit you best.

Give your makeup artist the color palette you’ll be wearing well in advance so that your makeup can be done accordingly.

3. Shoes

Yes, shoes might seem very insignificant in the bigger picture of wedding planning, but as a bride, you need to pay special attention to your footwear.

You’re going to have to spend hours standing and smiling at people at your wedding reception.

And if you wear a brand-new pair of high heels that day, your feet are going to hate you for inflicting that kind of pain on them!

So spend a little time thinking of what kind of foot wear you want for the various wedding events and try out various styles to get the best fit and look for you.

Get them a few months in advance and when you have the time, walk around in them for a while to break them in and avoid shoe-bites on your important days!

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