7 Quick Tips for Writing Wedding Thank You Notes ...


Whether your big day has already come and gone or you’re still in the midst of planning, chances are good you could use a few helpful tips for writing wedding thank you notes. From starting early to splitting the list with your fiancé, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to show your appreciation without stressing out. Ready to get things off to a hassle-free start? Here are seven quick tips for writing wedding thank you notes.

1. Keep Track of Gifts

First and foremost, one of the most important tips for writing wedding thank you notes is to keep an accurate record of who gave you what, when it was received and when a thank you note was sent out. As early as your engagement, create an Excel spreadsheet, set aside a notebook, start using a software program, or do whatever else makes tracking presents simplest for you. Along with making your life easier, staying organized will also help you keep a detailed inventory of any cash received or new items for your home that need to be added to your insurance policy.

Brush up on Etiquette
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