Etiquette 101 πŸ“˜: What Not 🚫 to Wear to a Wedding πŸ’ ...


When it comes to weddings rule #1 seems to be not wear white (and for good reason), but did you know there are plenty of other pieces that should steer well clear of, as well? has all the latest on things not to wear to weddings, so keep reading to brush up on your etiquette!

1. Solid White Dresses. Duh

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Let's just get this one out of the way.

You know not to wear white to a wedding.


Even if you think your friendship can handle it, or that the bride really won't care because she's super ~chill~.2

It's a respect thing.

As old or as silly as the tradition may be, there are a lot of brides who feel it's the one color you really shouldn't step on.

So don't be the person who does.

A White Dress with Colored Patterns
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