7 Benefits of a Destination Wedding ...


Believe it or not, there are so many benefits of a destination wedding. Not only are they simply fabulous, but they'll provide you with an experience you'll never, ever forget. I mean, we're all planning our weddings on Pinterest (don't deny it!) anyway, so, why not go all out and have the wedding of our dreams in the destination of our choice? Check out some of the benefits of a destination wedding.

1. One on One Time with Guests

Having a destination wedding means it'll be smaller, and more intimate than a regular one. They tend to last a few days, which gives you plenty of time to talk to your guests. It'd be a great opportunity for everyone to interact while taking part in fun activities. It'd pretty much be like a mini vacation for everyone, until the wedding day. Then it's all about you! This is definitely one of the benefits of a destination wedding.

Cost Effectiveness
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