7 Awesome Engagement Shoot Tips ...


My own engagement shoot was nothing short of an amazing experience, thanks in part to the helpful engagement shoot tips our photographer – Damien Smith of Los Angeles’ Damien Smith Photography – took the time to share with us ahead of time.2

Want to make sure your own shoot is just as awesome?

Read on for a sampling of Damien’s expert engagement shoot tips, along with some added advice of my own.

1. Make Plans to do One

Okay, so this part might sound totally obvious, but the first on my list of engagement shoot tips is to get out there and actually do one!

Engagement shoots are a great way to get to know your photographer better while also capturing gorgeous images you can use on everything from save-the-date cards to keepsake canvas prints.

If an engagement shoot isn’t already included in your professional photography package, talk with your photographer about adding one.2

The beautiful memories and practice time in front of the camera will definitely make this money well spent!

Choose the Perfect Spot
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