7 Gorgeous Bridal Floral Crown Hairstyles ...


7 Gorgeous Bridal Floral Crown Hairstyles ...
7 Gorgeous Bridal Floral Crown Hairstyles ...

Not sure if you are the bridal floral crown type? There are many lovely crown hairstyles that will complement any gown or theme these days, they are not just for hippie or bohemian brides any more. Check out these 7 Gorgeous Bridal Floral Crown Hairstyles to find the one that suits your style...

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Berry Bridal Crown...

Berry Bridal Crown... Photo Credit: Polka Dot Bride

Bridal floral crowns aren't made with just flowers any more, this one looks to be filled with white and purple grapes along with a few florals. Wouldn't this be a lovely hairstyle for a vineyard bride as she walks down the aisle through the grape vines and later toasts with her favorite red wine!


Feather Bridal Crown...

Feather Bridal Crown... Photo Credit: RuffledBlog

Feathers are a big trend for 2013 wedding details and themes, and look bohemian chic tucked into a bridal floral crown. However, you don't have to be a boho bride to have feathers in your hair, they will add a romantic woodland texture to any bride's beautiful hairstyle.


Baby's Breath Bridal Crown...

Baby's Breath Bridal Crown... Photo Credit: RuffledBlog

I'm in love with not only the bride's gorgeous baby's breath floral crown, but everything about these two love birds! How adorable are his suspenders and her wavy, ombre hair is making me dream of summer. When you don't want a veil, but you still want to stay close to tradition, a bridal floral crown like this one is the way to go!


Fern Bridal Crown...

Fern Bridal Crown... Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Have you ever seen a bridal floral crown as whimsical as this one?! I just want to wear this one of a kind piece filled with wild flowers and ferns and dance around in my bare feet in the middle of the forest! Any bride can wear a floral crown on her big day, but you do want to find the one that suits your style and theme. This is perfect for an woodland theme, but might not complement an upscale, black-tie event.


Simple Bridal Floral Crown...

Simple Bridal Floral Crown... Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

For those brides who just aren't sure about the whole bridal floral crown trend, this one is for you. I love the simplicity of this crown with the single flower and little details. This lovely headpiece would be sweet on any bride, from backyard to hotel ballroom.


Matching Bridal Floral Crown...

Matching Bridal Floral Crown... Photo Credit: The Bridal Detective

How romantic is this red, green, and white bridal floral crown. It matches her red lip and bouquet perfectly, doesn't it just put you on cloud 9 when you find that color that matches every other detail throughout your wedding.


Dramatic Bridal Floral Crown...

Dramatic Bridal Floral Crown... Photo Credit: Magnolia Rouge

Your guests will not be able to stop talking about how dramatic of a bride you were. But they won't be talking about your attitude, they'll be talking about your bridal floral crown! When your accessories are as dramatic as this one, be sure to keep your other details simple.

Whether you are a simple, no fuss no muss kind of bride, or you are a dramatic, oversized accessory bride, you can wear a bridal floral crown and still look like you. A bridal floral crown will inspire your ensemble and your bouquet. If you are a woodland bride, go for wild flowers or twigs, and if you are a classic, traditional bride try baby's breath in your bridal floral crown.

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