7 Fabulously Stunning and Unique Engagement Rings ...


Unique Engagement Rings are a great way to go.

I know some brides like traditional rings, and thatโ€™s completely cool!

There are some gorgeous traditional settings out there.

However, Iโ€™ve always been a fan of unique engagement rings that donโ€™t necessarily match up to the norm.

They might be original in color, shape, or setting, but theyโ€™re rings you donโ€™t usually see every day.

Here are some of my favorite unique engagement rings โ€“ letโ€™s see what you think!

1. Star Sapphire Engagement Ring

Star Sapphire Engagement Ring

Price: $259.99 at amazon.com

A lot of women love unique engagement rings that contain sapphires, and I agree, theyโ€™re gorgeous.

I think this ring is ideal for anyone who loves both sapphires and stargazing.

Star sapphires are so pretty, and I love the way this one is bracketed with delicate diamonds.

They lend a feminine touch.

Jean Schlumberger Two Bees Ring
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