The Stages 📕📗📘📙 of the Engagement Phase 👫 for Girls Who've Said Yes to the Ring💍 !


Getting engaged changes your world.

You’re suddenly feeling things and thinking things that you never have before.

This rush of thoughts and emotions can take you by surprise.

And while there are some melancholy moments, happiness is what prevails.

1. You Feel More Grown up than Ever before

It’s strange how becoming engaged can make you feel more grown up than ever before.2

You may have already graduated college, got your first grown up job and be living on your own.

But it seems there’s a new level of growing up that you discover when you get engaged.

It’s almost a feeling of “wow, so this is what being an adult is truly like.” It doesn’t take getting engaged to become an adult, but it’s undeniable that this feeling hits you.

2. You Can’t Stop Staring at Your Ring

You’re probably finding that you can’t stop staring at your ring.

Your gaze keeps getting pulled back to it.

You’ve memorized every little detail of it and know it’s beautiful, but you’re still looking.

You’re thinking that you can’t believe this really happened or that you’re truly getting married.

The sense of shock takes a few weeks to wear off.2

3. You Realize Who Means the Most to You

Once you get past the first day or two of your engagement, you start having thoughts of who should be in your bridal party.

You probably find yourself considering who you’re closest to and how you’re going to choose a maid of honor.

For some girls, it’s easy and it’s something they’ve always known.

For others, this is a time of intense inner debates.

Take your time making decisions and listen to your heart.

4. You Suddenly Miss Your Parents

You may suddenly feel emotional when you think of your parents.

You may suddenly have a feeling of missing them.

This can come out of nowhere and make no sense at all!

After all, you may have already been living on your own for several years.2

But getting engaged gives you a feeling of finality and you realize you’re never going to live with them again because you’re going to be building your own family.

You’re a Little Scared
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