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7 Stunning Rose Gold Engagement Rings ...

By Diana

If you're a fan of gold rings but want something a little more feminine consider getting a rose gold engagement ring. They have a pretty pink tone to them and make the diamond shine even brighter! Fall in love with these 7 Stunning Rose Gold Engagement Rings and drop hints to that someone special...

1 Tacori Rose Gold Twist Ring...

Tacori Rose Gold Twist Ring...Photo Credit: JRDunn

How brilliant is this ring, I love the way the band twists and how the diamonds on the side pop out. It's a design I haven't seen before, and one that looks gorgeous in rose gold.

2 Rose Gold Bridal Setting Ring...

Rose Gold Bridal Setting Ring...Photo Credit: Jared

What's better than a rose gold engagement ring, a rose gold wedding set! Why buy one ring, when you can have three and shine like a diamond. This set is certainly an invest though at $3,000 for the set, which doesn't include the center diamond.

3 Love Knot Rose Gold Ring...

Love Knot Rose Gold Ring...Photo Credit: Astley Clarke

If you aren't one of those, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" types, don't worry you can still have an amazing rose gold engagement ring. I love the name of this pink sapphire ring, "Love Knot", which is perfect for anyone getting married and tying the knot!

4 Two Toned Rose Gold Ring...

Two Toned Rose Gold Ring...Photo Credit: Kay

If you are looking for a more traditional ring but still want that a touch of rose gold, consider a two toned engagement ring like this one. I love the way the rose gold twists into the center diamonds, it's a unique setting but still has a classic look to it.

5 Pink Gem Rose Gold Ring...

Pink Gem Rose Gold Ring...Photo Credit: Astley Clarke

Another pretty in pink rose gold engagement ring for that bride-to-be who knows what she likes. This one would be perfect for the fashionista bride who is walking down the aisle in a matching pink gown! Don't be fooled by this pink gem though, it will cost your significant other a pretty penny at $6,000!

Amanda Please! Gorgeous!...

6 Scroll Rose Gold Ring...

Scroll Rose Gold Ring...Photo Credit: Zales

If these other rose gold engagement rings are a little too over the top in style and in price, look for something more simple in design like this 1/2 ct. diamond ring from Zales. I love the way the top tier bows out like a ribbon, it gives this simple ring some pizzazz!

7 Three Stone Rose Gold Ring...

Three Stone Rose Gold Ring...Photo Credit: Zales

If you are looking for a rose gold engagement ring that won't break the bank, this one will only cost your love $529. It's a beautiful ring with three center stones and more diamonds on the band.

You can find rose gold engagement rings of any size, shape, and price. If you are on a budget, or are looking for something more offbeat, I'm certain there is a rose gold engagement ring out there for you. Girls, did you find something you were looking for, which rose gold engagement ring is your favorite?

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