7 Wedding Related Facts Rarely Anyone Mentions ...


Wedding facts I’m going to lay out here are a result of some of my own observations and experiences as well as comments experienced married couples had after their wedding.

And if you’re hoping to find a useful wedding tip nobody has told you before or appreciate a realistic approach and want to know exactly what to expect, I bet you’ll have fun reading this post on wedding tips and facts we don’t know much about before we tie the knot.

1. First Wedding Night Isn’t All Fun & Games

In fact, most newlyweds agree the first wedding night was the least eventful one ever!

I couldn’t agree more – I was like, “I’m going to brush my teeth and I’ll be back in a second” and he was sound asleep and snoring before I even had a chance to finish that sentence!


I followed his lead of course and dove into bed three minutes later looking forward to a full night’s rest I craved for well over a week!

Second wedding night as well as honeymoon will, in the other hand, give you a chance to put that fantastic set of bridal lingerie into a good use so remember this first of my wedding facts and don’t get sad or mad in case the wedding wears both of you down.2

Everybody Wants to Be Involved
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