7 Wedding Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair ...

With most brides featured on tv and magazines sporting long hair, it can be easy to feel left out if you have short hair. There is no need to grow your hair out for your wedding day or spend extra money on hair extensions because there are many great options for girls with short hair. From retro styles to modern updos, there are hairstyles to bring out your unique personality. These are 7 of my favorite wedding hairstyle options for girls with short hair.

1. Great Gatsby

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One of my favorite wedding hairstyles for girls with short hair is Gatsby inspired curls. There are many different ways you can achieve this look: finger waves, tight curls, and accessories. Although I love the idea of going for a full 1920s bridal look with pearls, red lips, and feathers, a Great Gatsby style looks elegant with a modernized look as well.

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