Vendor Spotlight Jolie Papeterie Boutique ...

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Vendor Spotlight Jolie Papeterie Boutique ...

Sometimes you meet people in the wedding industry or in any industry and you can feel their passion for what they do and the satisfying feeling they get when their product makes other people happy. It may be by chance that you interact but when you get to know them you can't wait to share their story with everyone else. That's how I feel about Nicola and Stephane of Jolie Papeterie Boutique, who specialize in custom handmade wedding, corporate, and special events stationery...
Getting to Know Jolie Papeterie Boutique...
When my husband and I got married in 2007 we didnโ€™t find any stationery that fit the look we were going for, so we ended up designing our own which gave a unique feel for our wedding which had a vintage flare. A year later my sisterโ€™s wedding was coming up, and the lady at the bridal store where I got my dress suggested that I start designing invitations as I had a knack for it. She thought I would do well. In March 2010, after many months of planning, my husband and I decided to officially launch Jolie Papeterie Boutiquewhich is French for โ€˜**Pretty Stationery Store**.โ€™
Working Together...
Working with my husband who specializes in illustration and graphic design has its own unique challenges. Sometimes we see eye to eye but other times we butt heads and it can be hard to settle on something we both love. On that note however we work well together, and our relationship as a couple has developed stronger over time.

When we launched Jolie Papeterie, our goal was to stray away from traditional invitations and design unique one-of-a-kind stationery. We have found that our vintage carnival invitations and our โ€˜Minimalistaโ€™ invitations which boast a large ampersand and are graphically intriguing are our most popular invitations. We like to use bold colours and we do not use stock imagery which sets us apart from many other designers out there. All of our designs are original and unique.
Creating Something Special...
One of the best parts of our job is working with people. We love working with brides and grooms and creating something special for them to set the tone for their special day. Most couples have an idea of what they want and others look to us for direction which gives us a great chance to be creative. The best part is, weโ€™re married and have been through the process before. We know how stressful planning a wedding can be so we take pride in being efficient and easy to work with.
The Next Step...
Our goal in the future is to own a studio space where we can showcase our work and meet clients. Right now we work out of our home which has its ups and downs. We have two young children which can be a little distracting! What we love about owning our own company is the ability to be as creative as we possibly can when designing our stationery and also to work from home and take care of our children.

Starting Jolie Papeteriewas no easy task by any means. Weโ€™re a licensed company, we designed our own website and did all of our own advertising. It took us a good six months or so just to get set up. This is by no means a hobby for us but our livelihood. A lot of work goes into each and every piece of stationery we design and we look forward to making your day special.

Photo Credit: Candice Davidson from Make a Memory Photography

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I personally know and have worked with Nicola and Steph, and they are absolutely lovely people who dedicate themselves wholly to their business and their family. I have not yet heard of an unhappy couple after they receive their beautifully hand crafted stationary from this wonderfully creative and awesome duo.

Love this article!! Its great to know there are business owners out there that are true to their craft and can share the experience of future newly-weds instead of just trying to sell somone something. Features like this make wedding planning a little more easier!!! :)

This stationery is beautiful!!! I absolutely love the vintage carnival look. That is definitely my favorite!

Thank you so much for featuring us!

i like the new look of the site. and these look wonderful! i would have used these if i knew about them when i got married.



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