Vendor Spotlight Rice Butterflies ...


Vendor Spotlight Rice Butterflies ...
Vendor Spotlight Rice Butterflies ...

**Butterflies **have always been a part of my life; from catching caterpillars as a kid to **walking down **the aisle with a **butterfly pin **on my bouquet. They remind us of spring time and get us excited for warmer weather with their beautiful mosaic wings. What better way to decorate your **wedding day **than with wonderful symbols of change and growth that the butterfly represents. When I saw these lovelyRice Butterflies I wish I had only found them sooner for our wedding. Instead of flowers being thrown or bubbles being blown, let these butterflies fly as you soar off to your honeymoon and say goodbye...
Rice Butterflies โ€“ The Wedding Blessings & Surprise
"Rice Butterfliesยฎ is the newest and the most beautiful wedding product. Rice Butterfliesfly to newlyweds to bring blessings, good fortune and prosperety. They are lovely (and harmless) alternative to tossing plain (and boring) rice.

They are made of rice only: rice paper, rice grain and rice glue. Butterfly is cut off the rice paper and rice grain is glued on the butterfly with rice glue. They are designed for a maximum flight time โ€“ they fly up to eight seconds.
Rice Butterflies are packed in round and nicely designed eco boxes of 125 Rice Butterflies. You may choose between six colours: natural, white, red, blue, green and yellow. Rice Butterflies are practically handmade wedding product. They are available in their online shop and are shipped to every country in the World"

Rice Butterfliesยฎ is trademark and patent owned by Re:Format - Creative Office from Slovenia, Europe.

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Gosh, I'd love to have them to play with...Im already married but how devine if you are the Bride and Groom to walk through a flutter of butterflies!

This is the cutest wedding product I've seen in a years. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Ah, speachless, really. Amazing idea!!!

Thank you SO much for sharing these! Plain rice kills birds but these would just wash away in the rain! This is also a great alternative to releasing butterflies... which we are doing! I ordered those today. Can you imagine more photos with the rice butterflies? They photograph spectacularly!

Oh my goodness what a sweet idea and so beautiful as well! brilliant, darling. Happy Tuesday Muah

I haven't seen these before! Love them. They look so pretty and I love the delicate pattern they have up close!

Now this is THE idea! I haven't see the idea like this in a wedding industry for years! Brilliant!!!

So lovely. I am the hugest fan of everything butterflies and so is my daughter. Wondrous creatures they are!

I love butterflies! Have a fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

absolutely beautiful! What a great idea!

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