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7 Nerdy Ways to Propose That Fangirls Would Love ...

By Holly

If you're not into traditionalism, you'll love these nerdy ways to propose. If a guy tried these methods out with the wrong girl, a break up could be in order. However, if he does so with someone who shares his love for video games and television, he'll have a future bride. Check out these nerdy ways to propose and decide whether they'd make you swear or swoon.

1 Tardis

TardisIf you're a fan of Doctor Who, you'd love to get proposed to by a hot guy opening up a TARDIS. Finding a ring inside of the police box would be a dream come true. Bonus points if your future fiance gets down on one knee while wearing a fez. One of the nerdy ways to propose is by channeling your inner Doctor. How could she ever say no?

2 Disney

DisneyWhat could possibly be better than taking a trip to Disneyland? Why, getting proposed to, of course. There have been proposals at Disney that incorporate the characters and even involve musical numbers. It's sweet of a guy to go through so much work in order to make you smile. If you agree to a life together, you'll make him the happiest guy on earth that's in the happiest place on earth.


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3 Pokemon

PokemonImagine playing this card game and suddenly getting proposed to? If you're a big enough fan, then this is a cute way to win your affection. Of course, the lines 'I choose you' will inevitably be involved. It might sound silly, but it's creative and shows that he knows what you like. As long as you're the only one he's trying to catch, why turn him down?

4 Mario

If you like proposals that are homely and private, you'll enjoy this one. A man decided to propose to his girlfriend by lining up coins that said 'will you marry me?' in a Mario game. The idea is cute and effective. Watch the video to see his girlfriend's reaction. Spoiler alert: she says yes!

5 Animal Crossing

Animal CrossingThis one is risky. This proposal allows virtual reality to overlap with actuality. If you're a video game addict, what better way to propose than over Animal Crossing? You don't need to speak if you can send out a letter via Pete the Postman. It's too bad that the game doesn't allow marriages, or you could have an electronic wedding in addition to your real one.

6 Minecraft

Here's another video game proposal. Wouldn't you love your boyfriend to create a whole world for you? Well, making a grand proposal in Minecraft is as close as you can get. One man recreated his high school gym and many other places in order to propose to his girlfriend. The video starts off slow, but it becomes more and more adorable as time passes. Even if you're not a fan of the game, you won't regret giving it a watch!

7 Book

BookThis one is nice for book worms. Imagine opening up your favorite book and finding a wedding ring inside? Well, hopefully the book is just a replica of your favorite, so that the pages aren't completely ruined. But once you get over the fact that the words are torn out, seeing a ring inside one of your favorite novels is a sweet idea. It'll surprise you and make you think of your fiance every time you pick it up to read it.

If you're a fan of any of the video games or shows mentioned, I hope you enjoyed reading about proposals that incorporated them. You might not want to be proposed in such a unique way, but it's fun to think about. Which one of these proposals did you find the cutest?


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