7 Honeymoon Essentials You Cannot Forget to Pack ...


There are some honeymoon essentials that you do not want to forget to pack. Having these things along can make your honeymoon much more pleasant. Some items can be picked up when you reach your destination and some cannot. It is best to make sure that you have these honeymoon essentials along when you leave for that special trip.

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Passports, Tickets and Credit Cards

These are the most important honeymoon essentials. If you forget them, you are going nowhere. You must have your passport if you are traveling out of the country. Tickets are also needed as well as money. These are items you want to check, check and recheck to make sure you have packed them.


Birth Control

If you do not want the possibility of becoming parents immediately then you need to take along some form of birth control. There are back up methods that you can purchase at different drugstores if you are close to one on your honeymoon. However some may not offer as much protection as you would like. It is always best to make sure that you have birth control with you. This is especially true if you are on the pill, which needs to be taken regularly.


An Emergency Scrip of Antibiotics

Unfortunately, some women get a urinary tract infection on their honeymoon. It is a good idea to ask your gynecologist to give you a prescription of antibiotics to take with you in case you develop symptoms. This may not be a problem you encounter but if it is, you will be glad that you have the medicine with you. It beats trying to find a doctor while you are far from home.


Sunscreen if You Are Going Tropical

Yes, you can buy sunscreen other places than your home but it may be overpriced. If you are staying in a resort, it may even be difficult to get to a place where you can purchase it. It is best to pack it along if you can do so. No one likes a sunburn.



If you forget your charger, you are going to be very sad. And probably very irritated. Nothing steals the fun like driving around trying to find a charger for your phone when you should be laying on the beach or enjoying your honeymoon suite. Make sure your chargers are packed. If you are using it last minute, leave yourself a note on top of your suitcase to remember it.



Of course you don’t want to forget that beautiful lingerie set you shopped so carefully for. Yes, the honeymoon can go on without this but you will be sad it was left behind. This is one of those items you can pack early on. Put it in your suitcase while you are thinking of it.



You want to capture all of the beautiful moments of your honeymoon so that you can remember them for many years to come. That isn’t easy to do if you don’t have your camera. Make sure that you have your camera along. The camera on your phone may or may not give you the quality you want in your photographs. It is all about what your preferences are.

These are some honeymoon essentials you need to be sure and remember. What is the one thing you are afraid of forgetting? Share your thoughts here.

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