6 Essential Items to Take on Your Honeymoon ...


6 Essential Items to Take on Your Honeymoon ...
6 Essential Items to Take on Your Honeymoon ...

I was searching J.Crew, not sure what I was searching for just yet, but I knew I would find something to write about because they always have something hot, new, and interesting. And that's when I found theirhoneymoon section; yep they put together a collection of their items just for your honeymoon, which ones do you think are essential for your trip....

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A Honeymoon Hat...


Price: $34.50

When you hop off that plane onto the sunny sands of your **honeymoon **destination you'll want a **big, straw hat **to shade you from the bright sun that you're not used to! This passed winter was a harsh one so our skin isn't ready for the heavy summer sun just yet. With thisJ.crewsummer hat you'll look good while you protect your beautiful body.


A Great Bag...


Price: $78.00

For your honeymoon **you'll need a great **bag **to carry all your essential items down to the beach. I love the texture and colors of this J.crew**handwoven straw hobo, where was this bag when we went on our honeymoon to Naples, Florida!


A Simple Sandal...


Price: $98.00

Even though you'll really want to go barefoot once your toes hit the sand, you'll need a simple, yet cute, **sandal **to walk around in. You don't really want a chunky shoe or sneaker since most of your attire will be dresses, shorts, and your swimsuit. This lovely strappy leather sandal fromJ.crewwill match your style and your carefree attitude!


Shorts to Relax in...


Price: $39.50

It's hot, the sun is shinning, and you just really want to relax; this is a worry free honeymoon! That's why your attire should consist of items like these J.crewbroken-in boyfriend chino shorts. They are fun, cute, and just the right length to feel comfortable in. I'm ready to buy a few pairs!


The Perfect Swimsuit...


Price: $60.00

It's your honeymoon, you only get one chance to celebrate this wonderful occasion. This is why everything has to be perfect and that includes your swimsuit. There are some things we may not love about our bodies, but we should show off what we do love. I love this tank suit fromJ.crew, it shows off the bust but covers the stomach, the perfect combination!


A Summer Dress...

A Summer Dress... Price: $198.00

You and your sweetheart are on your way to a lovely honeymoon **dinner for two. You'll want to look nice, but you don't want to look too fancy. A bright, bold print summer dress **is just the essential item to buy for that special night. This one from J.crewis my favorite, I love the teal color and the unique pattern.

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lol... I have a hat! Looks like I need to go shopping!

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