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It’s wedding season, and with wedding season comes bachelorette parties, which means you have to look for cute gifts for a bachelorette party! Everyone always goes the lingerie route – which is amazing – but sometimes it’s a little nice to go a different route and get something a little different for the bride-to-be! So here are 7 cute gifts for a bachelorette party!

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The Wifey Tee

The Wifey Tee This is perfect on the list of cute gifts for a bachelorette party, so much so that I almost want to buy one now and save it for the future! I love the idea of practical gifts, but when it’s practical, cute, perfect for the occasion and super, super comfy, why not get it? Plus this shirt can be worn a long time after she gets married, because she’ll forever be his wifey! Such a perfect gift!


Bride Robe

Bride Robe I saw one of these at Victoria’s Secret once when I was shopping for lingerie (obviously) for a girlfriend's bachelorette party. Bridal robes are cute gifts for a bachelorette party; you can get a custom one, a generic one, or one of each! It’s perfect for when the bride is getting ready, and if you decide to get a custom one, why not put her future last name on the robe? I promise you, they’ll love it!


A Custom Sign

A Custom Sign Of all the cute gifts for a bachelorette party to give you girl, this is perhaps one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever seen. If you can fill this sign with inside jokes, nicknames, important symbols, and anything else you know the future bride to be will love, why not get a custom made sign?


Spa in a Jar (or Anything Cool in a Jar)

Spa in a Jar (or Anything Cool in a Jar) This is a very popular idea nowadays, anything that’s cool, you can put it in a jar. Be it a spa, hot chocolate, or some mix of their favourite drink, as long as they love it, and you can put it in a cool jar, I say go for it! It’s hard to find cute gifts for a bachelorette party, and if you’re creative and have a girlfriend who loves the personal touch, why not go for it!?


Kisses from Your Girls

Kisses from Your Girls I love this idea, and on the list of cute gifts for a bachelorette party, I think this one is way up there. Get all the girls who are going to kiss a piece of paper, write their names under it, and have it framed. It’s so personal and adorable that the bride to be is guaranteed to love it! It’s a perfect complementary gift to something else, or it can be a gift from all the girls!


A Book of Love

A Book of Love A book of love more than qualifies to be one of the most cute gifts for a bachelorette party. Before the party day, get all the girls to send you pictures of themselves and the bride to be, along with answers to a questionnaire; like – what is your craziest memory with her, or the first time they met. It's just a little memory book! You can get it done professionally, or make a scrapbook! Either way, she’s sure to love it!


Bath Goodies

Bath Goodies Every girl needs bath goodies, and gifting her all her favourite products to indulge in is definitely high on the list of cute gifts for a bachelorette party! I don’t know about you, but I love getting bath goodies and going through each of them, because it’s fun to pamper yourself! Plus with all the planning she has to do, she’ll appreciate having the simple pleasures in life right at home, where she needs them most!

It’s always fun going to your girlfriend's bachelorette party, and after the gifts are all opened, the real fun usually begins! I love giving something different, because everyone gives lingerie, and maybe bedsheets. It’s fun to be able to give your girl something different! So tell me, what are some cute ideas you have for bachelorette parties?

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Make it yourself, go to a arts/craft store and get stencils IR iron on things and make the shirt.....super easy.

The wifey tee is amazing, but it does not say where to purchase it.

I wish I knew where to find it too!

I wish I knew where to find it too!

5. Kisses from your girls is so cute!

I got my sister in law some really nice candle for a gift

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