7 Alternative-style Engagement Rings if Classic is Simply Not Your Thing ...

Alternative style engagement rings are very underrated these days; it seems as if everyone wants to keep things the way they have always been! There are always many different opinions about getting married, and similarly not everyone goes about buying an engagement ring the same way. Nonetheless, if you’re one of the growing few who prefer an alternative style engagement ring because classic is simply not your thing, then pay close attention to these seven smashing styles.

1. Cushion-Cut Lotus Ring

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I love the lotus flower style when it comes to alternative style engagement rings because it’s not too far off the beaten path but it’s still unique enough to be called alternative. I’ve seen this particular style in many different department stores, including Macy’s and Bloomingdale's, and they are available with different colored gems. Overall it’s an elegant and classy buy but I doubt anyone in your neighborhood will have anything remotely similar.

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