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8 Reasons to Go with a Black Diamond Engagement Ring ...

By Heather

It's wedding season ladies and black diamond engagement rings are the next hottest engagement ring out there! I actually love black diamond engagement rings, but a lot of people don't understand why. Well ladies, I've got my top 8 reasons why black diamond engagement rings are so perfect and so pretty!

1 Beauty

BeautyBlack diamonds are absolutely some of the best looking diamonds out there and they shimmer and shine, just like a clear diamond! If you are looking for a beautiful ring but not looking to spend thousands of dollars, a black diamond engagement ring might be for you! Also, they are super unique, which is what we'll explore next!

2 Unique

UniqueI love black diamond engagement rings because they are so out of the box and so different. If you want to stand out and truly have a different ring and engagement, this is the way to do it! Black diamonds are so much different than any other diamond out there. They are unique, just like you!

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3 Less Expensive

Less ExpensiveRemember when I said that they are less expensive? Well ladies, they are! Black diamond engagement rings are still super high quality, but you don't have to spend a bunch of money on them! There are black diamond engagement rings that of course are a lot of money, but if you research the ring beforehand, then you'll find one within your price range!

4 Tons of Options

Tons of OptionsYou might not think that there are a lot of different options for black diamond engagement rings but there are! Truthfully, I've found at least ten rings that I would love to have when I get engaged! Just take a look at the selects and I know you'll find one that you love.

5 More Noticeable

More NoticeablePhoto Credit: Beyond the Rockz

You know the first thing that most women want to do when they get engaged? Show off their engagement ring! With a black diamond engagement ring it'll be more noticeable and people will probably even be jealous that you have such a unique and different engagement ring!

6 Celebs Love Them

Celebs Love ThemDid you know that celebrities actually love black diamond engagement rings? I mean think about it, even in Sex and the City the movie, Big proposes to Carrie with a black diamond ring! How cool is that huh?

7 Fashionable

FashionableBlack diamonds are also super fashionable! If you are looking to strut your stuff … anywhere, an engagement ring with a black diamond in it can really help you feel more fashionable!

8 Stands out

Stands outFinally ladies, black diamond engagement rings really stand out way more! These rings also go with any and all outfits that you have. Looking to flaunt your little pink dress? A black diamond engagement ring will look ideal with it!

There you have it ladies! My top 8 reasons why black diamond engagement rings are absolutely beautiful and so refreshing! So, would you ever consider getting a black diamond engagement ring?

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