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7 Tips on How to Get the Engagement Ring You Want ...

By Alicia

Would you like to know how to get the engagement ring you want? Of course you would. After all, you are going to wear that ring for many years to come. These are some tips to help you know how to get the engagement ring you want.

1 Tell Your Guy

You know, the easiest way how to get the engagement ring you want is to just tell your guy. It is okay to have an open and honest discussion about the subject. He can still surprise you with an engagement ring if that is what you want, but it is absolutely okay to give him some guidance on the subject. He absolutely wants you to be happy with your engagement ring and would probably be thrilled to have a little bit of guidance.

2 Look at Rings Together

Another way to be sure that you get the engagement ring you are dreaming of is to look at rings together. Stroll through a jewelry shop while you are at the mall. It doesn’t have to be an obvious errand. Look at all of the jewelry. This gives him the opening to ask you what you like when you are in the engagement ring section. Or if you are more of an outspoken gal, you can simply point to some you think are pretty.


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3 Show Him

You can show your guy the kinds of engagement rings you like. There are certainly enough commercials for jewelry, especially around holidays. Make a comment as to which one you like. Mention when you see one on TV that you think is pretty or when a friend has one you adore. This is a great way to get the message through to him.

4 Hint

Hinting is another way to make sure you get the engagement ring that you want. You could mention what kind of gold or metal that you prefer at some point. Another day, you might say that you love certain cuts of stone. This is a subtle way to have input into your ring. Most men are pretty good at picking up on hints from the woman in their life.

5 Leave Catalogs Laying around

You can always go this route. Leave catalogs laying around with rings that you like in them. You might even leave the catalog turned to the page where the ring you are hoping for is. You could circle a few you like and leave it somewhere your guy is sure to see it. You could also look at a catalog with him and comment on the ones you like. You don’t have to say a lot; just saying that you think a certain ring is pretty may be enough.

6 Let Him Hear You Talking about It to Your Friends

It can work out nicely if your guy overhears you talking to your friends about what kind of engagement ring you are hoping for. Just have a casual conversation. You can tell your friend ahead of time that you are going to do this or just bring it up naturally. Ask her about her ring if she is already engaged or married to get the conversation started. That is a great starting point to talk about what kind of ring you are hoping for.

7 Go Ring Shopping Together

You could go shopping for an engagement ring together. This was the option my husband chose to go with and it was fine with me. I was able to show him some of the rings I liked without having to try to get the message across to him in other ways. It can be a very special and memorable day, like it was for us. Many couples choose this option.

These are some helpful tips to assist you in making sure you get the engagement ring you want. What are you doing to make sure you get the message across to your guy on this subject? I would love to hear your story.

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