7 Super Fun Engagement Party Ideas ...

Whether you’ve been thinking about it since you were a little girl or haven’t thought about it until now, getting engaged means it’s time to start thinking of engagement party ideas! I for one love a party, and planning one of the most memorable parties for you and your future partner is a pretty big deal. Whether you’re looking for something classic or something completely unconventional, I’ve got you covered with seven super fun engagement party ideas.

1. Classic Cocktail Party

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Engagement party ideas can be overwhelming, so hosting a classic cocktail party is always a winner. Create your menu with interesting cocktails to choose from as well as an open bar for guests to make their own. Be sure to have some nibbles as well. Hot, cold, meat and vegetarian choices are a good idea. Make them small enough to eat in one bite and fit on a napkin. Hold the party in your home, backyard or hotel. Reserving the poolside of a hotel at night is always lovely.

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