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There are a lot of good reasons to go ring shopping together. There are many different ways to handle shopping for the engagement ring. Some couples go together and some guys go alone to choose the ring. There isn’t a right or wrong way. These are some reasons to go ring shopping together, if you are thinking about what points would make this choice the right one for you.

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It’s Romantic

One of the reasons to go ring shopping together is that it is romantic. It can be very romantic to take your time to look at different rings and dream together. He doesn’t have to buy the ring when you are with him if that isn't what the two of you want. Or if he buys it, he can still give you the proposal you are dreaming of. There is a lot of room for variety here.


You Can Compare Choices

Shopping for an engagement ring together gives you an opportunity to compare your tastes. You may like completely different rings. You may both fall in love with the same ring. It can be interesting to see what his choices are versus yours. It can help you to consider different rings you may not have thought to choose but may love.


You Know Exactly What You Want

Here’s the real scoop. You probably know exactly what kind of engagement ring you want. He probably doesn’t. If you want to be sure you get the exact ring you are dreaming of, you may want to go ring shopping together. It is all about what matters most to you.


He May Want Your Help

Many guys feel uneasy about shopping for an engagement ring alone. They may feel uncomfortable or afraid they will choose a ring their girlfriend will not love and that is something they do not want. Shopping together eliminates those worries for him. If he wants your help, why not consider it? Most likely, he just wants to make sure you love your ring.


It’s Exciting

Ring shopping is exciting. Who wouldn’t love going to choose something so special and significant? If you are really set against being with him when he buys the ring, just go window shopping and show him a few you love. He can go back and purchase the one he chooses from your choices later. There’s room to do it different ways here but the excitement of shopping together is a point in favor of going along.


It’s What You Both Want

Sometimes going ring shopping together is just what works for you as a couple. It fits you. There is nothing wrong with this. If it is a choice you are both happy with, why not? Your relationship is unique and you should do what works uniquely for you.


It’s a Beautiful Memory

Shopping for an engagement ring will be a beautiful memory you can always treasure in your heart. You will never forget it. It is a special part of your relationship to look back on. You will always have that memory to treasure. This is a good reason to go ring shopping together.

It’s your turn to weigh in now. What are your thoughts? Do you want to go along or be totally surprised by your boyfriend’s choice in rings?

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I don't agree. It is much romantic when he buys it himself and presents it to me as a surprise. If we buy it together it is no more special or interesting. I can take him shopping for any jewelry piece, point my finger and he will buy it for me. But engagement ring is something he should do himself, and no matter what it looks like what matters more is his thought and desire for me to be his wife.

My fiancé and I shopped together. He wanted me to have exactly what I wanted. He still proposed in a romantic way and it was a surprise. I had no idea when or where he'd pop the question and he managed to surprise me and made me cry :)

My son inherited my mother's diamond ring and he is about to have it reset to propose to his GF...though he has the diamond, he still wants to go "window shopping" to get an idea what style setting she would like...BTW, she better say yes!..I love her!!

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