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Most women have watched the show “Say Yes to the Dress” at least once in their life, and probably multiple times if they have the possibility of a wedding in their future. It is very entertaining but there are also some lessons you can learn from watching it. They are lessons that can help you when you start shopping for your own wedding dress. Here are some of the top lessons to learn from the show “Say Yes to the Dress.”

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There Are Dresses for Every Budget

One of the things you can learn from watching from “Say Yes to the Dress” is that there are dresses for every budget. Brides have different budgets for their dresses. You can find something you like in the price range you are working with. The most important thing you need to do to make this work is to determine what your price range is before you go shopping. This can prevent overspending.


The Sales Associate is Your Friend

Lesson number two is that the the sales associate is your friend. She can help you. She can make things happen that you want. You do not want to alienate her. Go out of your way to be kind to her and appreciative of her help.


You Can Bring Too Many People

Another lesson you can learn from watching “Say Yes to the Dress” is that you can bring too many people along when you go wedding dress shopping. You want to have enough people to be helpful but not so many that you feel overwhelmed. Think carefully about whom you most want to have with you. Your reasons for choosing them might be that you feel close to them or that they are very good with style. Only you know who is best to take.


Some People Are Better Left at Home

Sad to say, but some people are better left at home. Don’t bring anyone along who is negative or unkind. This day is about you. You don’t want to have anyone along that will bring you down. Bring along people that care deeply about you and your happiness.


Look at Dresses in Your Budget

It is best to look at dresses in your budget. For most women, it is best to not look at the dresses you cannot afford. If you do, you are taking a chance of falling in love with a dress out of your price range. If you have the ability to look at them just to see the features of a dress that you may like, go for it. But dreaming of something you can’t have will only make you disappointed.


You Will Know when It’s the One

Another lesson to take from “Say Yes to the Dress” is that you will know when a dress is the one. This happens differently for different brides. Some brides know their dress immediately, as soon as they lay eyes on it or when they try it on. For other brides, it is a dress you keep coming back to. Every bride’s experience is different but you will know when it’s the one.


The Process Takes Patience

Lastly, you will learn that the process of finding a wedding dress takes patience. This is a very special day in your life. Of course you want to take your time and make sure that you find a dress you love. It may take more than one trip to find the dress of your dreams. This is why it is important to start shopping for your wedding dress when you have plenty of time.

All of these little tips can help you when it is time to shop for your wedding dress. What tips can you add to this? What have you learned from watching “Say Yes to the Dress”?

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