7 Gorgeous Items to Wear to a Fall Wedding ...

What to wear for a Fall wedding is a question all ladies tend to ask themselves at least once! The weather is weird and unpredictable, sandals are a no-go, plus there’s very little time to restock on trendy accents for the season which, although not as troubling, can be a really big issue for trend-setters! Yup, Fall wedding attire can be quite tricky for sure. I have found a few awesome pieces, though, so check them out as they might help you get a few ideas and come up with gorgeous outfits for a Fall wedding:

1. Knee- Length Coat

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Deciding what to wear for a Fall wedding will be a piece of cake once you get your hands on a classy, chic coat such as this YSL piece! Knee-length outerwear is just perfect for formal occasions as it will look chic, feminine and glamorous regardless of whether you choose to wear it over a dress, skirt or a pair of trousers. Opt for an interesting yet subtle print if you like to stand out or go for unusual texture or material for an equally glamorous effect. Non-standard cuts, puffed sleeves and ruffles are my personal favorites because they look amazing even in the usual, fool-proof colors.

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