7 Gorgeous Items to Wear to a Fall Wedding ...


7 Gorgeous Items to Wear to a Fall Wedding ...
7 Gorgeous Items to Wear to a Fall Wedding ...

What to wear for a Fall wedding is a question all ladies tend to ask themselves at least once! The weather is weird and unpredictable, sandals are a no-go, plus there’s very little time to restock on trendy accents for the season which, although not as troubling, can be a really big issue for trend-setters! Yup, Fall wedding attire can be quite tricky for sure. I have found a few awesome pieces, though, so check them out as they might help you get a few ideas and come up with gorgeous outfits for a Fall wedding:

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Knee- Length Coat

Knee- Length Coat Deciding what to wear for a Fall wedding will be a piece of cake once you get your hands on a classy, chic coat such as this YSL piece! Knee-length outerwear is just perfect for formal occasions as it will look chic, feminine and glamorous regardless of whether you choose to wear it over a dress, skirt or a pair of trousers. Opt for an interesting yet subtle print if you like to stand out or go for unusual texture or material for an equally glamorous effect. Non-standard cuts, puffed sleeves and ruffles are my personal favorites because they look amazing even in the usual, fool-proof colors.


Trendy Blazer

Trendy Blazer In case the weather is just too warm for a coat and you’d love to pull together an outfit that’s chic but not office chic, definitely consider something like this unusual Top Shop blazer! The obvious lack of a proper collar and an uber trendy baroque texture really make it a cool piece to have this season even after you’re done wedding-hopping! And, unlike most others, this piece of your Fall wedding attire doesn’t need to be put away until the next special occasion! Get creative with it and it will soon become your ultimate Fall statement piece.


Long or ½ Sleeve Embellished Dress

Long or ½ Sleeve Embellished Dress Long or ¾ sleeve embellished dresses definitely classify as Fall wedding attire that you better give some serious consideration! Now, I know weddings and New Year’s Eve parties are what people would call perfect events to show some skin but, trust me, once you find yourself seated in the draftiest place possible, you’ll wish you had covered up a bit! Sequined, sexy dresses such as this Top Shop beauty is definitely a great choice, but you can also opt for lace or those super-glamorous, slightly puffed chiffon sleeves, just in case you’re not comfortable with wearing that many sequins.


Patent Pumps

Patent Pumps Still wondering what to wear to a Fall wedding? Well, let’s talk shoes a bit, shall we? Now, these usually seem like the least of your problems…until it starts to rain, of course! Suede will most likely be completely ruined if worn in such weather, delicate colors are a no-go too and classic black pumps… well, the bride is probably the only woman who won’t be wearing a pair of those! Why not opt for a hard-to- stain, easy to clean pair in patent leather and a gorgeous color? I’d go with these midnight blue Stuart Weitzman heels but you can choose red, green and even purple!


Trendy Clutch

Trendy details in the season’s most popular colors are always a great way to glam up your outfit for a Fall wedding without having to spend a fortune! My choice for this season would definitely be a burgundy colored clutch and I especially like the chevron texture and size of this L.A.M.B piece. What do you think? Yay or Nay?


Really Gorgeous Pair of Pants

Really Gorgeous Pair of Pants My special occasion attire usually involves a dress or a skirt although seeing these fantastic Vivienne Westwood pants really makes me want to reevaluate my choices! You might want to keep them in mind for the next time you need to decide what to wear for a fall wedding because they really are a statement piece that needs no extra embellishments!


Peplum Top

Peplum Top Perfectly fitted yet loose enough to allow you to try everything on the menu! If you too think that a wedding without food is like a Die Hard movie without Bruce Willis, you are going to appreciate all stylish and non-style related benefits of a peplum blouse! Complete your outfit for a Fall wedding with this Baroque-print Top Shop find, start layering your jewelry like it’s 80’s all over again and have fun riding the waves of the more is more trend! A wedding is the perfect occasion for it and early fall is quite neutral trend-wise, allowing you to be the first one to rock new ones as well as enjoy summer trends you loved but haven’t gotten the chance to fully explore.

Do you ever have a problem to decide what to wear for a Fall wedding and what makes choosing outfits for a fall wedding so difficult for you? Is it the rain, the fact that the weather can change in like a heartbeat or the fact that you have to coordinate more pieces?

Top Image Source: lemontreephotographers.com

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