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7 Reasons Why Prenups Are a Bad Idea ...

By Aprille

I can understand why some people might decide on agreeing to a set of prenups, but I find them to be a generally bad idea. I'm sure certain circumstances might make prenups a good idea, however rare these circumstances might be. Here are 7 reasons why prenups are a bad idea, in my opinion.

7 Sign of a Lack of Trust

To me it seems like prenups show a great lack of trust between two people. It's as if both people feel the need to protect themselves against any harm that the other person might cause during the marriage. I imagine people who have been in bad relationships in the past feel the need for a prenup because they really don't trust anyone anymore.

Leo- I may trust the person standing in front of me now...

6 Sign of Lack of Commitment

It's almost as if a prenup is a backup plan for someone who doesn't want to try and make a marriage work. If a person has nothing to lose, financially, then there's no worry about the marriage falling apart and that person being left with nothing. It's as if each person is saying, “Well, I don't care if the marriage falls apart because I'll be no worse off than I am now and you won't get a dime from me.”

Leo- My commitment should be based on how dedicated I a...

5 Shows Planning for End Game Strategy

Drawing up prenups is like knowing how the marriage will end. The prenups are drawn, so there's no need to worry about how rocky things get. This thinking makes it seem like the marriage is a game between two people and the prenup has already determined who will be the winner over all.

4 It’s Planning for Defeat

I think prenups are like throwing in the towel before you ever get started. You may really want your marriage to work, but the prenup seems to be a symbol that you aren't expecting it to. How can a marriage be a successful relationship filled with trust when you've already planned how to protect yourself in the end?

Leo- That's like saying "If you wear a seat belt your p...

3 It’ll Keep People in a Relationship Longer than They Should Be

If a prenup states that one spouse will end up with a lot more than the other spouse, then this might cause a couple to stay together longer than they should. One person may try to make the best of a situation because a divorce would mean the end of all financial support. Two individuals making each other miserable, all because of money is never a good thing.

Leo- I would argue the opposite. The less wealthy partn...

2 Could Limit Your Chances for a Successful Relationship

This reason sort of fits in along the same lines of thinking as setting yourself up for defeat. Even if you completely trust one another, the drawing up of the prenups will always be in the back of your minds. I think this might be harder for the person who initially suggests that prenups be written. His/her spouse might go along willingly with the idea, but this might raise questions later: “Why doesn't he/she trust me?” “Does he/she expect this marriage to fail?”

Leo- It's not about trusting the other person at the ti...

1 They Can Backfire on You

Here's an example for this one: Let's say a couple get married and the husband is the wealthy one. What if the husband's wealth goes down hill and the wife suddenly becomes wealthy? With a prenup in place, the husband has ultimately stuck it to himself since he won't see any of his wife's money if they end up getting divorced. It's definitely something to think about!

The only way I can see a prenup arrangement being a good thing is if you are about to marry a complete stranger and you have lots of money that you don't want to risk losing. Other than that odd circumstance, I think these 7 reasons why prenups are a bad idea should make anyone think twice about agreeing to prenups. What do you think?

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