7 Reasons Some People Hate Being Married ...


7 Reasons Some People Hate Being Married ...
7 Reasons Some People Hate Being Married ...

I never understood those people that hate being married. Of course, I am not walking in their shoes and I know they must have their own reasons to be married. I have decided to do a bit of pondering on this topic and give you 7 reasons some people hate being married …

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Nothing in Common

Some people hate being married simply because they do not have anything in common with the other person. I always believe that when you do not have anything in common with the other person, it can be even more interesting. You can learn things from each other. However, I understand that things could get a bit on the difficult side.


When it comes to marriage, some people simply don’t like the idea of it because they feel like they don’t have anything in common with their partner. This can be a valid concern since having common interests is an important part of a successful marriage. However, this doesn’t mean that couples who don’t have anything in common can’t have a successful marriage.

In fact, having different interests and hobbies can be beneficial for a marriage. Couples can learn from each other and gain insight into different perspectives. This can lead to greater understanding and appreciation for the other person. Furthermore, couples can find new activities to do together that they may have never thought of before.

Of course, it’s important to remember that having nothing in common can make things more difficult. If couples don’t share any common interests, it can be hard to find things to talk about or do together. This can lead to a lack of communication and connection, which is an important part of any marriage.


Sex Life Shrinks for Some

For some, when those vows are said, for the first couple of years, sex life is good. Then, it starts to shrink and before you know it, you forget what sex is. I heard some couples are actually like that and it makes people fear marriage.


Marriage is a big commitment, and for many couples, it can be a source of joy and happiness. However, for some people, it can be a source of fear and dread. One of the most common fears that married couples have is that their sex life will dwindle over time. This fear is not unfounded, as many couples do experience a decrease in sexual activity after being married for a few years.

The reasons for this decline in sexual activity can vary from couple to couple. Some couples may become too comfortable with each other and forget to make time for intimacy. Others may find that the daily stress of life and the responsibilities of marriage leave them too tired for sex. Some couples may even find that their sex life is affected by the presence of children, as they are forced to take a backseat to the needs of their children.

Whatever the reason, a lack of sex can be a major source of tension in a marriage. Not only can it lead to feelings of resentment and dissatisfaction, but it can also cause a couple to drift apart, affecting their emotional connection and communication. This is why it is important for married couples to make time for intimacy and keep the spark alive, even after many years of marriage.

Frequently asked questions

Some individuals may dislike marriage due to a lack of freedom, constant conflicts, or feeling trapped. Every person has their own reasons, which might include financial pressures, a loss of identity, or simply realizing they are incompatible with their spouse.

Yes, some people feel like they lose their identity after getting married because they might have to compromise on their interests and goals to adjust to their partner's lifestyle and to the obligations that come with marriage.

Marriage can affect personal freedom as it often involves considering your partner's opinions, desires, and plans when making decisions, which can lead to a sense of having less independence.

Yes, it's normal to have conflicts in marriage, but for some people, consistent or unresolved conflicts can become overwhelming and a source of unhappiness in marriage.

Financial stress can lead to tension, arguments, and resentment between spouses, especially if they have different spending habits or if there is financial instability, which can make some people dislike being married.

Yes, some individuals may feel trapped in a marriage if they feel they've lost their independence or if they're in an unhappy or abusive relationship with no easy way to exit.

Not all marriages become boring, but some people may hate being married because they feel that their relationship has become monotonous and lacks excitement.

Compromise is often necessary in marriage to blend two lives together harmoniously; however, excessive compromise on one side can lead to dissatisfaction and resentment.

If couples have incompatible values and beliefs, it can lead to constant disagreements and a lack of mutual understanding, which could make some individuals unhappy with their marriage.

Marriage counseling can help by providing a space to discuss issues and work on the relationship. However, it's not a guaranteed solution, and both partners need to be willing to put in the effort.


Give up Favorite Foods

Okay, so, if you marry someone who does not like okra (as an example), then you may stop making it as much, even though it is your favorite food. This tends to happen in many marriages. I don't believe it's a reason to hate getting married though.


According to a study by the University of California, couples tend to make dietary changes after getting married. This could be due to one partner not liking certain foods or having different preferences. In fact, a survey by the National Marriage Project found that 75% of married couples reported changes in their eating habits after marriage. This can lead to giving up favorite foods and adapting to a new diet, which may cause some people to feel resentful towards marriage. However, it's important to communicate and find a balance in food choices to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.


Trying to Live up to the Other Persons Expectations

It can be hard when you try to live up to someone else's expectations and this is one of the reasons as to why people hate being married. Do you understand what I mean?


Trying to live up to the expectations of your partner can be a difficult challenge. It can be especially hard when those expectations are unrealistic or unfulfillable. This is one of the main reasons why some people hate being married.

When expectations are too high, it can lead to feelings of inadequacy and resentment. For example, if your partner expects you to be the perfect spouse, you may feel like you can never measure up. This can cause stress and tension in the marriage, leading to further unhappiness.

It can also be difficult when one partner has different expectations than the other. If one partner wants to spend more time together than the other, or if one partner wants to travel and the other doesn’t, this can lead to disagreements and feelings of frustration.

In addition, couples may have different expectations for how they want to spend their money. If one partner wants to save and the other wants to spend, this can lead to financial stress and disagreements.

Finally, couples may have different expectations for how much time they want to spend with family and friends. If one partner wants to spend more time with family and the other wants to spend more time with friends, this can lead to arguments and resentment.


Sharing the Bathroom

Oh goodness, if you are a girl and you are not used to sharing a bathroom with a guy, then you better get used to it! You may also want to get used to cleaning up guy facial hair from the sink – yes, some guys will leave that stuff behind. I am sure some girl on here can tell you about that one. Then, you have guys who fear sharing the bathroom with girls for certain other reasons and things they do not want to see.


Can't See Other People

Now, I am a one guy type of girl. I know that there are some guys and girls out there that like to date different people. I think this is because they have not found the right person. When they do finally find the right person, they will feel good about the fact that can't be with other people. Until that day, they may hate the thought of marriage.


Cheating Partner

Some people don't get married simply because they do not want to have a broken heart. They do not want to open those iron gates only to have their heart stumped on.

There you have 7 reasons some people hate being married. Personally, I love being married and have been married for 7 years and counting. There are so many good things about being married. So, do you love it or hate it?

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I can relate to the food dilemma. I can see where this causes problems. I think that lunch or girl time with friends is the time to eat the things you may not be able to eat with a boyfriend or spouse because they don't like it. I don't think anyone should give up food they like because they get married!

Why do women feel they need a man?

I hate my husband and if I won the lottery I would leave tomorrow. Been married 22 years. Hate him!

I also can't stand my husband. I often wish I never met him. It's bad, I know...but I blame him for all my misery. Why? Bc he is the cause of them.

Here is a question for all you ladies including myself? Why don't we just leave? Why is it so hard....

My husband makes me miserable. I hate marriage, it's the worst thing I've ever done

I can't stand being around my husband, I'm always looking for away out

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