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7 Reasons Some People Hate Being Married ...

By Melanie

I never understood those people that hate being married. Of course, I am not walking in their shoes and I know they must have their own reasons to be married. I have decided to do a bit of pondering on this topic and give you 7 reasons some people hate being married …

7 Nothing in Common

Some people hate being married simply because they do not have anything in common with the other person. I always believe that when you do not have anything in common with the other person, it can be even more interesting. You can learn things from each other. However, I understand that things could get a bit on the difficult side.

6 Sex Life Shrinks for Some

For some, when those vows are said, for the first couple of years, sex life is good. Then, it starts to shrink and before you know it, you forget what sex is. I heard some couples are actually like that and it makes people fear marriage.

5 Give up Favorite Foods

Okay, so, if you marry someone who does not like okra (as an example), then you may stop making it as much, even though it is your favorite food. This tends to happen in many marriages. I don't believe it's a reason to hate getting married though.

4 Trying to Live up to the Other Persons Expectations

It can be hard when you try to live up to someone else's expectations and this is one of the reasons as to why people hate being married. Do you understand what I mean?

3 Sharing the Bathroom

Oh goodness, if you are a girl and you are not used to sharing a bathroom with a guy, then you better get used to it! You may also want to get used to cleaning up guy facial hair from the sink – yes, some guys will leave that stuff behind. I am sure some girl on here can tell you about that one. Then, you have guys who fear sharing the bathroom with girls for certain other reasons and things they do not want to see.

2 Can't See Other People

Now, I am a one guy type of girl. I know that there are some guys and girls out there that like to date different people. I think this is because they have not found the right person. When they do finally find the right person, they will feel good about the fact that can't be with other people. Until that day, they may hate the thought of marriage.

1 Cheating Partner

Some people don't get married simply because they do not want to have a broken heart. They do not want to open those iron gates only to have their heart stumped on.

There you have 7 reasons some people hate being married. Personally, I love being married and have been married for 7 years and counting. There are so many good things about being married. So, do you love it or hate it?

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